I have gotten so much clarity from this course to build my business with discovering how I can create a successful business practice. I have taken other hypnosis courses but none that were able to put the whole package together as this course has done for me. I highly recommend this course to everyone who is in business dealing with others or parents who want to understand and communicate better with their kids.

Yesterday, I became a Certified Consulting Hypnotist at ICHA (Integrative Counseling and Hypnotherapy Associates), and was taught by Dr. Melody Smith.

The Certification Course was excellent in every way. The vast amount of material provided to students, combined with Dr. Smith’s exceptional teaching skills and professional experience, combined to make this a Course I would recommend for anyone wishing to become certified in this amazing field.

Not only did I learn the regiments of clinical hypnosis for clients, I personally gleaned so much from this experience as I was reminded how effective working with the subconscious mind is in all areas of positive behavior and change.

This was a great course of study, and lots of fun.

The Course gets an A+ from me!

The Hypnosis course taught by Dr. Melody Smith was informative, interesting and extremely beneficial. I suggest this course to a beginner and to an already practicing hypnotist. You will leave the course happy with new ideas and information. 100% recommended.

This course has allowed me to believe in myself. I had test taking anxiety, after having hypnosis done, I was able to take the test and not feel anxious. I was able to recall information. I definitely recommend this course. I am planning to help many clients achieve their goals and get rid of fears.

I.C., Miami, FL

I not only thoroughly enjoyed the training, but learned a tremendous amount. I am excited to start using the skills with my clients and feel that the training prepared me to start doing so immediately. Thank you Dr. Smith for sharing your knowledge and helping me to help my clients.

H.C., LMHC, Deerfield Beach, FL

This was the most amazing course I ever took! I learned so much more than I expected and came away not only feeling happier and more passionate about my work but with a whole new set of tools to help my patients. Thank you, Dr. Smith for a truly uplifting experience.

M.M., LMHC, CH, Boca Raton, FL

I am seeing the results of becoming an NGH Certified Hypnotherapist in my bottom line. So many people are coming in for behavioral change and leaving the office feeling better. It truly helps them change other areas of their lives. I am so happy that I took this class.

C. R., PhD, LMHC. CH, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Your course is worth every minute. I wasn’t sure I could become a hypnotist but I feel so confident and the results speak for themselves. I especially liked learning self-hypnosis and how to teach my clients to use self-hypnosis whenever they need to use their sub-conscious mind to assist them.

R. C., CH, Boca Raton, FL

Thank you, thank you for helping me become a professional Consulting Hypnotist! I attended the NGH convention this year and was amazed at how professional and knowledgeable everyone was. I sure feel like I have joined the helping profession and am eager to take your other classes for continued certification.

J. S., CH, Pompano Beach, FL

As a student at FAU in the field of Psychology, I found this course to be so helpful not only in helping me to understand what a private practice could be like but to make money to offset my student expenses while learning! Your mentorship program really helped me feel like I wasn’t alone, especially with those first few clients. I will use what I have learned to help myself and others going forward.

R. T, CH, Boca Raton, FL

I really didn’t know what I wanted to do for a profession. I didn’t have the time or money to spend 2 or more years in college but I wanted to be a respected professional. In 3 ¾ weekends I became a Nationally Certified Hypnotist and I am so happy that I took a chance on this. I so enjoy helping people change their behaviors or improve their lives. Thank you for giving me a purpose and a career.

J. B. CH, York, PA

I have found as a Chiropractor that helping my patients with pain management has been so effective using hypnosis along with my manual adjustments. Thank you for teaching a course so interesting and adding a new tool to my toolbox.

V. M, DC, CH, Port St. Lucie, FL